“Everybody has something to offer to an image, its something that’s within them – an energy – I love capturing this energy with my camera.” Lenox Fontaine – Photographer

Lenox’s life as an artist began at a very early age by discovering self-expression and creativity within theatre arts and dance. Unleashing his distinct and original viewpoint, he found a niche in photography, allowing him to write, produce, direct and style all of his own artistic visions….with the ability to interpret the ideals of top fashion and media clients and a degree in cinematography, his images reflect style and emotion reaching beyond a still photograph. Lenox specializes in people photography, beauty, fashion and portraits. “I have always been fascinated by beauty, photography is a form of exploration for me to find the inner light.” He has worked with a wide range of photographers in fashion, honing his technical skills. His roster of clients include The New York Times, NBC, Atlantic Records, top fashion publications Elle Girl and Essence. ” Unlike other artists, I don’t feel that shooting commercial work is selling out, I see it as an opportunity to influence pop culture.”

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